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URC Holiday Forum 2020 with John Bell

John Bell & Holiday Forum 2020

The theme for the next URC Holiday Forum
22 - 28 Aug 2020) will be

"What shall we tell the Children"

John Bell will be both our theme and worship leader. He introduces the theme in a video. Book now here: URC Holiday Forum Booking Form

EMURCE No: 305 - 28th November 2019

EMURCE No: 305 - 28th November 2019

Promises made by Elders

Assembly Resolution on Promises made by Elders

2019 October Synod - Report

Oct 2019 Synod at the Crossing from the back

An illustrated report on our 2019 Autumn Synod.
Added the FULL Draft Synod Environmental Policy to go alongside the summary. 18/11/19

Green Journey brochure 0519

EU Settlement Scheme Launch (01.04.19)

EU Settlement Scheme Launch

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1 April 2019


To over 3.5 million EU citizens who have made the UK their home: you are our friends, our neighbours and our colleagues, and our country is all the better for it.


Whilst our future relationship with the EU is uncertain and I understand the anxiety this may cause, I want you to know how much we want you to stay regardless of whether the UK leaves the EU with or without a deal.

EU Settlement Scheme update (08.03.19)

EU Settlement Scheme update (08.03.19)

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This is the latest information on the EU Settlement Scheme [1] for EU citizens living in the UK. 


The full opening of the EU Settlement Scheme will go ahead on 30 March 2019. Applications will be free, as announced by the Prime Minister on 21 January 2019.




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