New Resources for Advent

Photo by Daniel Seßler on Unsplash

We are delighted to share a set of new resources for Advent 2020, several of them produced within East Midlands Synod.

Photo by Daniel Seßler on Unsplash

LMMR in the East Midlands - Guidelines

Local Mission and Ministry Review

The East Midlands Synod have Guidelines on Local Mission and Ministry Review (LMMR).  The document is attached below. 

If you have any queries relating to this then please contact one of the Mission Enablers or the Mission Development Officer:-

Feasts and Festivals

Information about Synod events and the celebrating freedom pack available to download

Mission Fund Grants

Mission Fund Grant Application Form together with the guidance notes and procedures.

Outreach Fund Application Form

Application forms for The Outreach Fund which exists to support United Reformed Churches in the East Midlands Synod to engage in new outreach initiatives.  Grants of a few hundred pounds are available for up to 50% of the cost of the project.

Free Software you can Download


Yes it's genuinely free, legal and great to use.
Look here before you buy!


Church Depths and Heights

Reflections for Holy Week

A melodious and meditative
Holy Week
from the eve of Palm Sunday to the eve of Easter Day

Resource from Bulwell United Reformed Church

Letter from the Moderators of Assembly

A message to all who are the United Reformed Church


Please see the attached copy of the 2019 Learning Opportunities Booklet.

This is a booklet of development opportunities in the East Midlands Synod, please do have a look through and share the leaflet with anyone you think may be interested in attending any of the events.


EMURCE No: 274 - 2nd August 2018

Edited this week by Helen Lidgett


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