Synod Expenses Claims - Banking

Since January 2013, The Royal Bank of Scotland has provided our banking services and facilities.

This meant significant changes for the office staff and the need to update our systems and records.

The most significant change affected  claims for expenses and ALL of these payments are now made by bank transfer. 

An Expenses Claim form (attached with this article) allows for individuals to register their bank information when making a claim, if details are not already held in the office.

The form can be downloaded and completed - preferably electronically - and then returned to Chris Willis in the office either as an email attachment or by post.  Email address:

It is necessary to get the claim authorised by your group's convenor / budget holder or a Synod Officer before it can be considered for processing. Claims for travel to and from meetings of Synod will verified by checking the attendance register.

Information on how to complete the details is listed on the form. It is especially important to complete fully the details of expense section and particularly when claiming for mileage expenses. Forms that are incomplete in this section will be returned for correction before being considered for payment.

All expenses must be made in a timely way and generally by the end of the month following the expense. 

The Finance Group determined the the rate for payment of normal car mileage claims shall be at the current rate determined by HMRC at the time of the claim, and as shown on the latest version of the claim form.

Following decision by the then Finance and Property Group in 2017 the following now applies for the processing of payments for authorised claims:
“Normally claims will be paid on Tuesdays, provided that they have been made by the end of the previous working day”. 

It is now possible to send an email advising that a claim has been approved and created in the banking system for transfer to your bank. If you wish to receive such indications please advise when making the claim.

I trust you will find this helpful.

David J Greatorex


7th January 2019

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