Young People's hopes and dreams for the Church!

On Saturday 8th October 2016, the young people who gathered at our Synod meeting discussed what their hopes and dreams for the church were. The diagram is what they produced. 

After much discussion they acknowledged that whilst they would like lots of different ways of worshiping there does need to be some structure to times and types of worship so that people know when worship is happening and what type it is.  For example, cafe church on the same day each week / month. 

They also would like more involvement in leading worship and helping with worship each week, not just doing the collection or occasional prayers.  They have lots of skills that they use in school, college and university and would like to use them in their church community.

Ask your children and young people (and even adults!) this question.  you might be surprised by the answers.  But be prepared to then try out their ideas.