URC produces plan for new normal post-Covid-19

Preparing for the New Normal

Dear Friends,

Few if any of us could have anticipated the scale of challenge or the range of issues that would arise from the Covid 19 virus and the accompanying lockdown.  It has presented a serious challenge across society and the church has been impacted along with everyone else.  Inevitably many questions have arisen in church circles – about practical issues, processes and how to live with “the new normal”.

The agenda of the Moderators’ Meeting (currently meeting weekly and virtually) has been punctuated with questions arising from the church at synod and local level.   The accompanying document – Preparing for the New Normal – is one result of our discussions.  It is commended to synods and local churches in the hope that it might be both a useful resource and also a catalyst, when it feels right and proper to do so, to have serious conversations and give thought as to what “the new normal” might be in each setting and context.

It is important to avoid any sense of panic.  Whilst it is important to plan it does not matter if we cannot do everything that is necessary straight away as the lockdown is not going to be lifted immediately.

You will notice that questions and issues range from what might be described as practical and property-related as well as mission and vision thoughts.  As such please consider sharing it among your elders and others who have responsibility in all of these areas of church life.

A copy of the document is attached below.

We commend Preparing for the New Normal in the hope it will be of use to you and to yours.

Geoffrey Clarke, Moderator

Helen Lidgett, Clerk

David Greatorex, Treasurer


PDF - Preparing for the New Normal document