Synod Financial Strategy Consultation

The Synod Finance and Property Group has prepared a Financial Strategy on which we are now consulting. We intend to finalise it by the end of 2014 and present it for ratification at the Synod meeting in March 2015.

The aim of the strategy to provide sustainable finance for Synod operations and to support mission initiatives.

There are four objectives:

  •     To sustain the Synod at least at the level described in the Financial Safety Net,
    as approved by General Assembly 2012
  •     To raise enough from local church Ministry and Mission Fund contributions
    to support the ministry the Synod receives and contribute to Synod costs
  •     To maximise income
  •     To provide resources to help local churches in mission.

The draft is available for download below. The Finance and Property Group would welcome comments on the proposals in the strategy from local churches and individuals as well as Synod Groups.

Comments can be sent on this form.

If you wish to post a reply, send it to Mrs Helen Lidgett - address is in the Synod Year Book or can be obtained from the Synod Office.

Responses are needed by 16th October for consideration by F&P at its meeting on 12th November 2014.

Helen Lidgett