Promises made by Elders

Assembly Resolution on promises made by Elders.

In 2018 General Assembly passed a Resolution proposing the addition of an extra promise to those made by Elders at ordination and induction.  As this would involve changes to the Basis of Union it was referred to local churches for consideration at Church Meetings.  The General Secretary, Revd John Proctor, wrote to Church Secretaries in early September 2018 with details of the Resolution and asked for responses to be sent to him by 31st December 2019.  We brought this Resolution to Synod on 12th October 2019, having given time for local churches to discuss it before we brought it to a synod meeting, as recommended by the General Secretary. As a great many members of Synod at the recent meeting claimed they had not received the letter, I draw your attention to it now.  John Proctor points out that churches still have two months to discuss the proposal and send their comments to him by 31st December 2019

The letter is attached below.

Helen Lidgett, Synod Clerk