Minister's Summer School 2016

This years Minister's Summer School has happened at The Hayes Conference Centre in Swanwick.  Scroll down to view the Photo Gallery

Thirty Seven of our ministers were there exploring "Fruitfulness on the front line" with the help of Revd Richard Church, Deputy General Secretary (Discipleship) and Grace Pengelly, Secretary for Church and Society. We were exploring the interface between church and society, developing our understanding about discipleship, and exploring the role of 'church'.

Our chaplains, leading worship and being available as chaplain,were Michael and Leonora Jagessar. They brought a multicultural dimension to the week, and keeping our focus on the round table of communion.

Half way through the week we were joined by "Church Related Community Worker" Marie Trubrik, who shared here excitement over "Kahalia" and the "Luminary Bakery".

We had workshops, which were designed to take our minds off work (like Leather Working) or introduce us to new skills (like Story Telling) or even new hymns and tunes.

There was also time to sit quietly and reflect or read, and time to sit and interact with colleagues. Relationship building among colleagues is an essential part of Summer Schools in the East Midlands, and one session tailored to this aspect was very amusing.

Our final session was a "Question Time" style one where all the members of the 'lecturing team'  answered questions from the floor about the subjects we covered.

Below the Photo Gallery are some links to the videos that were shown in the Sessions.

Links to resources used in Summer School

From Grace -

Grace encourages us to sign up to the JPIT Newsletter
or at least browse the JPIT site
- Listen to Krista Tippett explore questions of spirituality with a wide variety of religious thinkers
– Shy Bairns get nowt: Food Poverty in the UK
- JPIT EU Referendum resources “Think, Pray, Vote”
- JPIT Faith in Foodbanks resource
- Article on Black Lives Matter and social media

From Richard
- This is Discipleship
- Somewhere Else - the bread church in Liverpool
- Kahaila, Brick Lane
Luminary Bakery - where Marie worked.

Updated 10/06/16 - more resources may follow