M & M in 2020

All of the information requesting consideration of the 2021 payments towards the M&M Fund have been issued.

The information is being sent to Church treasurers, secretaries and Ministers (during the first week of June 2020) and there are no significant changes from the format previously used, but please check the details supplied before completing the forms. As last year, we have attempted to populate and 'personalise' some of the forms to assist in completion. It has been possible to do some of this work for churches that are part of an LEP with URC and one other denomination - and separate advice has been given for this. However, it is not possible to populate the spreadsheet where specific calculations have to be made in accordance with the terms of the LEP.
Please note the timetable, it is a much shorter period this year.
Many churches have submitted the latest accounts [and a few the 2021 M&M offers, thanks] - but more have yet to do this without delay.

Synod approved the current M&M scheme in November 2010. All churches are encouraged to use the new forms and return the completed one as soon as possible so that figures for 2021, and subsequent years, can be worked out quickly. Guidance on completion of the form is given in the document in the attachments listed below. 

All Treasurers will have received an email with the details shown in the attachments (or sent by mail if email not available) so please make early contact with your Finance Networker if you wish to discuss your church's M&M offer for 2021. 

The forms are available in Excel only, but if you need software to use these files please look at our 

Free Software you can Download page before you buy anything.

Created 06/06/2020

David J Greatorex

Synod Treasurer

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