The Crossing Celebrates 10 years in New Building

The Crossing (U.R.C. & Methodist) Church was transformed on Sat 21st May for a celebration meal marking the tenth anniversary of the opening of the new building. The screens were thrown back turning the church/sanctuary and the two large halls into a large single dining room comfortably seating over 150 people.

Revd Geoffrey Clarke, Minister at the Crossing welcomed everyone and steered us through the evening. The church catered for the event themselves. The main course, a selection of quiches or ham with pasta salad, green salad and coleslaw was followed by an even wider choice of cakes mostly home made.

Representing the Methodist Church, Revd. Gill Newton, Chair, Sheffield (Methodist) District, and representing the United Reformed Church, Revd David Legge, Pastoral Consultant for Nottinghamshire each gave a brief message commending the church for its vision, and giving encouragement for the future.

Chair of Bassellaw Council, Cllr. Jim Anderson, gave an account of the key part they played in securing funding and permission to do the re-building.

Revd Mark Pengelley, the minister who guided the church through the building work spoke at greater length about the tenacity and commitment of the congregation through that daunting time, and Mr Griff Wynne, Lay Leader at the Crossing, gave a full account of the hurdles that had to be faced in both the coming together of the two congregations, and the planning and erection of the building.

The church and Halls transformed into a large dining room looking north to the sanctuary.
The church and Halls transformed into a large dining room looking south from the sanctuary.
Mark Hodgeson (Architect), Mark Pengelley and  Geoffrey Clarke talk before the meal