Coronavirus in 17 Syllables

Coronavirus in 17 Syllables

During the lockdown the Revd Derek Hopkins, minister at Yardley Hastings, has not only been supporting the church’s contribution to community action in the village but has expressed his reactions to coronavirus in a series of haiku. This is a Japanese verse form of 17 syllables over three lines (typically 5,7,5) and often with a contrast or development in the final line.  

We publish them with his permission and encourage you to share any examples of your own creativity during this time: please email .


Haiku during Corona


Warm spring sunshine

brings out the walkers

  • six feet apart



spaced out seating

  • exam rooms remembered


Mobiles and Facebook,

friendships invigorated

  • but only remotely 


NHS workers

sacrificially giving 

shift after shift after shift


Social distancing

no unnecessary journeys

  • no last farewells


Easter stories

tragedy and triumph 

  • hope for us all


Days lengthening

buds and hedgerows bursting

  • spring rolls gently on