We are very excited to report that building work is now underway at The Synod Office. Work began to expand and update the office on Monday 2nd October. The old Sherwood Hall is being transformed into a large meeting room and two smaller rooms, while upstairs will also see changes. The Moderator's room, will be divided into two rooms, one for the Moderator and the other for the Moderator's P.A. This means that the current kitchen, which has also doubled up as the P.A.'s room, is now free to be a kitchen and staff room. It is hoped that the work will be completed in December.

Week 3 - The building work continues to go well. As you will see from the pictures the partition walls are being put up to divide the hall into it's 3 main spaces. The outside canopy has now been taken down and the old sherwood hall cloakroom at the front of the building has been demolished.

Week 4 - Work is progressing quickly and the layout is really taking shape. You will see that the partition walls are now being filled in and the old kitchen has been ripped out to make way for the new disabled accessible toilet.

Week 5 - As you can see from the pictures, most of the internal walls are now up. The electricians have been in all week. The old ramp at the front of the building has now been demolished, ready for the new ramp to go in its place.

Week 6 - This week the ceiling and walls have been insulated and boarded ready for plastering and the electrical first fix is completed, which means that all plug and light sockets have had the wiring put in place. Have a look at the week 6 gallery to see.

Week 7 - This week the internal walls have all been plastered and are now ready for a first coat of paint. Today the digger has been in, preparing the way for the new ramp to be built, which wil give wheelchair access to the front door of the new synod meeting room.

Week 8 - There's been lots going on this week, the first coat of paint has gone on the new walls, the new ramp has started to be built and our new window and kitchen units have arrived!

Week 9 - It's been another busy week, with the ceiling tiles being put in place, the new windows being installed and the kitchen being fitted!

Week 10​ - There's been lots going on this week. You will see from the pictures that work has started on building the walls for the disabled access ramp. We have also now had the framework for the glass partitioning put in and doors have been attached! The tiling has been done in the new kitchen and tiling in the disabled access toilet is well underway.

Week 11 - The lighting in the ceilings have now been installed, work on the door through to the hallway has begun, tiling in the disabled access toilet has been completed and the new window for the meeting room has arrived!

Week 12 - This week, among other things, the new window to the front  of the new meeting room has been installed, as has the entrance door.

Update - It was hoped that building work would be completed by the end of December, however work has unfortunately been disrupted owing to the weather and unexpected delays. We hope to update you with a new completion date in the new year.

Week 15 - Since Christmas, the building work is coming on well. Among many things, the lights are now fully operational, window surrounds have been completed, skirting boards fitted, gravel has been put down on the ramp, work on the new toilet is well underway and work on the disabled access toilet is finished.

Week 17 - Work is progressing and has begun upstairs, the Moderator's P.A.'s old room/kitchen is now ready for carpeting and the Moderator's P.A. will soon be in her new room. The upstairs Moderators room has now been partitioned making it into two rooms. We hope that the work downstairs will be finished by the end of next week.


Digger preparing the way for the new disabled access ramp - 15.11.17