Are there
church members who are either psychiatrists or professional recruitment
officers with experience in psychometric testing who would be interested in
working along with the Ministries Committee Assessment Board? Candidates for
the Ministries of Word and Sacraments or Church Related Community Work attend a
weekend Assessment Conference as part of the candidating process. These take
place from Friday lunchtime until Sunday morning twice a year, in March/April
and November.  Alongside a variety of
interviews and group exercises they meet with ‘Personal Development Advisors’
who assess personality type, working styles and preferences.  The Personal Development adviser is not a
member of the Board or any Assembly Committee and is not asked to attend any
other meetings but the Assessment weekends, and the times of attendance can be
personalised to a certain extent and worked out with the Secretary for
Ministries. The personal development interviews are an extremely useful part of
the assessment process and in the past the Board has been helped by a
psychiatrist, a psychological services consultant and occupational
psychologists.   Unfortunately several of
these people are now unavailable, and it would be good to have more people who
could help in this way.  It is our aim to
build up a pool of six Personal Development Advisers, and at the present time
we have none within the URC.


If anyone has time to offer in this
way and the appropriate skills or if you know of anyone in your church who fits
this description and might be interested please contact: The Revd Craig Bowman,
Secretary for Ministries, at 86
Tavistock Place, London WC1H 9RT, telephone 020 7916 8649 or


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