Health and Healing



We were like clay
in the Potter's hands
shaped in the beauty
of the Creator's image
but then we fell
and now the hands
hold a broken pot,
a valued treasure,
even with a crack,
to mend and love
and use as new...

What is healing? Perhaps more importantly, what is NOT healing!!! Click here to find out ......

A lot of exciting things are taking place nationally. If you, or a member of your church wants to be a part of the healing ministry, please contact your Synod Health and Healing Advisor, the Revd Barry Drake on 0701 071 6008

Synod Health and Healing network - convenor the Revd Barry Drake

Purpose: the Health and healing network has responsibility for advising on, and promoting healing ministry in all its forms. This new network is in the process of formation, and requires members from all areas within the synod so that each local church will have access to an advisor within its locality. Please contact Barry if this is for you - e-mail to

or phone 0701 071 6008.
Churches together for healing has this to say: "The healing ministry is Jesus’ ministry entrusted to us, always to be exercised with reverence, empathy, love and compassion. Those offering ministry are not ‘healers’: they represent the Church fulfilling her commission received from Jesus Christ and minister in humility through the power of the Holy Spirit The guiding principle is to recognize the presence of God in those receiving this ministry and honour God’s presence in them."


The wider URC ....

See  the URC national healing ministry pages for information and guidelines for good practice in healing ministry.  In particular, your attention is drawn to deliverance ministry, and ministry where an interfaith dimension exists.

In 1981, a paper was read to a URC national conference on health and healing. This paper (downloadable version attached) reflects very accurately the attitude of the URC nationally towards healing ministry. Click to read the paper online.
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