Mission in the World 2006 Spring

Mission in the World Report
February 2006.

In this material you have reports from

  • Graham Ghaleb about the work of CRCW’s;
  • Tim Clarke about truth and how it may be expressed;
  • a resources review (also from Tim)
    about the CTBI materials for evangelism in a spiritual age;
  • Muriel Garrow’s notes on global partners
  • and Sylvia Salmon’s comments about Make Poverty History.

These are in MS Word (.doc) files in A5 format that we hope can be easily reproduced in church magazines.

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The work of the CRCW.

In Synod Graham will be presenting some of the work of the CRCW with its particular opportunities and challenges. He will also be helping us to think through how his experiences affect the life of the Church as a whole and what they teach us about mission. He questions, “’Is this really what God wants us to do?’, or are there new opportunities for us to proclaim the love and mercy of God by working with others in both church and community for peace and justice in the world.” Good questions!!

Global Partners.

Muriel writes that the practicalities of our link with the Botswana Synod of the Congregational Church of Southern Africa are taking some time to work out. There are one or two tentative relationships beginning and a number of ideas in the pipeline. However, you and your churches can take the initiative if you want to make and work at a link. Please contact Muriel and see what is on offer. Her e-mail address - just changed - is

There is so much to learn and so much to gain from good relationships with churches from other parts of the world - if we make the effort.

You may be interested in some of the information and insights coming from the World Council meeting in Brazil (February 2006) - see their web-site www.wcc-assembly

Equipping Your Church in a Spiritual Age.

There is a resources review……

Churches Together have produced some very good material that can help us think through why “many see it (the Church) as a place for dead and irrelevant ‘religion’ and do not associate spirituality with the Church at all”

Please read it - and use it!!

Life & Witness are also currently collecting stories and experiences of the work of ‘evangelists’ and examples of initiatives and good practice in evangelism in our local churches that might be a source of inspiration to others. These are being published on the URC web-site: www.urc.org.uk


MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY as a campaign has come to an end. The reasons for it have not. Sylvia rightly challenges us to continue to be informed, to pray and to apply pressure wherever possible. She is far too nice about our performance as a Fairtrade Synod. We made it - but not by a large margin (48%) - so much for aiming at 100% participation by our churches. Many of us could/should do more - please go back to your Elders and Church meetings and urge them to play this small but significant role in changing our world.

- “If you think you are too small to make a difference, you have

never been in bed with a mosquito.” (African proverb) -

Christian Aid, Tearfund and other organisations will be monitoring the situation and will help us to keep informed.

Inter-Faith Matters.

Please read and use Tim’s reflections. Since he wrote them Abu Hamza has been convicted and if to make Tim’s point about the importance of the issue we have seen the Muslim reactions and repercussions following the publication of “offensive” cartoons of the Prophet. We live in a multi-faith world and issues of truth and how they can - or can’t - be expressed are not going away. See the URC web-site for our Church and Society Committee’s response to the cartoon protests.

Almost as a postscript to this, the application for a special category ministry associated with the St.Philip’s Centre in Leicester has gone before the appropriate committee and subsequent interviews and assessments are being made. The Centre has begun to function and it will be offering modules for the Birmingham M.A. in inter-faith studies from September 2006. If anyone is interested in doing some further study in this area please contact me (John Hall) for more information.

There will be other courses - particularly related to local churches on offer as well. These will be publicised through the Training Officers normal channels in due course.

John Hall
Convenor, the Mission in the World Group
February 2006.

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