Statement by the East Midlands Church Leaders ahead of the Local and European Elections 2009

Revd Terry Oakley

United Reformed Church East
Midlands Synod Moderator


Monday, May 11, 2009


For immediate release                    


Statement by the East Midlands
Church Leaders ahead of

Local and European
Elections 2009

It is requested that this statement be read out in all
churches on either Sunday 17th or Sunday 25th May
2009.  This is important as the Local and
European Elections take place on 4th June 2009:


represent Christians in the East Midlands who
belong to our Church congregations and fellowships.


Our care is not only for our members, but also for the
communities in which we and they live, work and worship.  We are charged with pursuing the common good
of all people, but especially those who are in particular need and who find
themselves marginalised and disadvantaged in our society.  We cannot stand by when groups and
individuals are maligned, misrepresented and singled out for verbal or even
physical abuse. 


In a
democracy it is even more alarming when prejudices founded upon country of
origin, race or religion become part of a political platform, and are offered
to the electorate for endorsement. 


So we wish to express in the strongest terms our distaste
for any political platform which has the effect of destabilising communities
through the use of misinformation, scare stories and inflammatory rhetoric and
which should be resisted and not rewarded, be it via the ballot box, silent
assent or public endorsement.  The
presence in our communities of a significant number of people who have arrived
in this country, often fleeing their homes in fear, and who now think of our
country as their home, undoubtedly raises issues which have to be
addressed.  However, these issues must be
addressed in an informed and balanced way according to the highest standards of
civilised society and mutual respect. 
There is now sufficient evidence to confirm that the overwhelming
majority of those who arrive in our society are vital to the economic
well-being of our region, and they can also greatly enrich the cultural life of
our communities if encouraged to do so.


Finally, and for the avoidance of doubt, we confirm that no
Ordained Ministers from any of our Churches will be standing as BNP candidates
in the forthcoming elections.  We further
confirm that the core beliefs and policies of the BNP are inconsistent with the
teaching and example of Jesus Christ.


Signed:            Church Leaders in the East Midlands


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