Synod: 2005 - Autumn

The East Midlands Synod
of The United Reformed Church

met on Saturday 12th October here at Whetstone URC, Leicester.

Whetstone URC

Reports from Synod available
in the lincks at the bottom of this page include:

  • Mission in the World (below)
  • Catch the Vision

Mission in the World Report


Link with Botswana.

In the Synod Muriel will be presenting some of the experiences of the group that represented us at the 25th Anniversary of the Botswana Synod of the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa. This is our "Link" Synod and at a later date we will bring proposals about ways in which we might use the link to our mutual benefit.

Rural Ministries.

Our major presentation for this Synod will be from Yvonne who will present us with some of the difficulties and opportunities found in rural ministries. However, our intent is not just to inform and offer prayer needs - it is to present models that raise issues of theology and praxis that may guide us all in the mission.

Emerging Evangelism.

There is also a book review. We want to encourage members of Synod and Church members to get into some theological reflection albeit at a fairly popular level. We will offer a review of some kind of resource material at each Synod to this end.


We remind Synod of the continuing programme related to MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY. As I am writing world leaders have assembled for the 60th anniversary of the U.N. White band day 2 was last Saturday and the leaders are reviewing the Millennium Goals. We would urge ministers and churches to keep up to date with developments on the world scene and make prayers regular and as informed as possible.
Good sources of information are and

Please note……….
2nd November - mass lobby of parliament for trade justice.
Flyers and posters are to be produced for this.
One World Week is 23rd - 30th October and could well be used in conjunction with the lobby.
10th December - White Band Day 3
13th - 18th December - World Trade Organisation Ministerial Conference in Hong Kong.

please pray for these initiatives and for positive responses that get put into practice.

The St.Philip's Centre.

The sub-group of the Leicester District are in the process of submitting an application for a Special Category Ministry related to the St.Philip's Centre in Leicester. Synod will remember the presentation given by Rev'd Dr Andrew Wingate in March about the hopes and aspirations of the St.Philip's Centre. Synod will also be pleased to know of the unique "Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement" signed in September between the St.Philip's Centre and the Islamic Foundation in Markfield.

In the final analysis mission is to do with people who come under God's kingdom rule sharing their insights about that kingdom with other people with whom they are in relationship. Our aim is to encourage them/you to do just that.

John Hall
Convenor, the Mission in the World Group
September 2005.

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