3. Ministry Deployment

Ministry Deployment

We all share in the ministry of God's people. Our members are dedicated and faithful and there is a lot of goodwill amongst friends that are not yet members. So we need to encourage and equip all the saints and learn how to use wisely our ministers, CRCWs, Lay Preachers, Local Church Leaders and elders. We share our ministry resources across the whole of the United Reformed Church. Our share of stipendiary ministers for 2009 is 39 (full time equivalent - FTE). But we know that it is not a good plan simply to have fewer ministers covering more and more congregations. So we would like to create Associations of Churches served by ministry teams, which could include ministers, CRCWs, local church leaders and others.

  • Each congregation would have at least one local leader - someone who is recognised by the wider church, has some training and who has a role description and is appointed for a period of say three years.

  • We would like to have specialist ministers serving local churches (Special Category Ministers - SCMs) and more Church Related Community Workers (CRCW).

  • We also want to encourage vocations and value each person's gifts. We need more people to respond to the call to be Lay Preachers or ministers.

  • We will need helpers to run a programme to attract people to vocations and to train them through TLS Lite, Certificate of Christian Discipleship, TLS or other courses.