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Can you motive a group of churches in your local radio area to run these radio ads on your station?

Stewart Dew, our National Press Officer, is so impresssed by this
year's Churches Advertising Network Christmas Campaign that he wants to
encourage all local churches to get involved.

Read the CAN flyer here, listen to the ads from their web site ( watch the cartoon!)

CAN live campaign cartoonYou have probably seen
the recent story about "atheistic" ads on London buses.

While this has a positive
side, in that it gets people talking again about God in the public arena, would
you like to help your local churches "fight back" throughout your

This year's 2008
CAN Christmas campaign has now been launched and the radio adverts are all
available for you to access on our website:

The radio ads, as
always, have been professionally produced by CAN for you to use on your local
commercial radio stations.  Designed for youth audiences, they are done in
the style of a sports commentary, and aim to change perceptions and encourage
listeners who may not normally go to church to give it a try this Christmas.  Any church and/or Christian organisations is welcome to
use either or both the 30 second ads.  We are really pleased with this
year's "Be Part of the Action" theme, and believe it will be
very effective to draw the listener in and help people to consider the message.

If you would like to
use the ads on radio, and get your local churches' voice heard this year,
start now!  Just take the "Five Easy Steps" attached to this
page to get all the help you need.  We've done all the hard work
for you ...

We are also hoping you will feel up to
the challenge of our competition - could you do what our radio ads have
done, and tell the Christmas story in 30 seconds?  If so, you could win

We hope many local groups will take the
opportunity provided by CAN to place high quality Christian advertising on
their local radio stations.  Be part of the advertising action
this December!


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