Church & Society appendix Synod: Autumn 2006

Video Projector slides
for Church & Society Presentation
to East Midlands Synod
Autumn 2006


Why Church and Society?

Joint Public issues Team

Current Issues

  • Slavery and trafficking

  • Assisted Dying

  • Trident

Reflection and Discussion

What's in a name?

  • Church and Society

  • Church in Society

  • Social Responsibility

  • Public Issues

  • = Social Justice



If you cut out all the Bible references to justice
you would have a "holey" Bible
- rather than a Holy Bible


Joint Public Issues Team

  • Baptist Union

  • Methodist Church

  • United Reformed Church

Joint Public Issues Team - Aim

To enable the three churches to work together in living out the gospel of Christ in the Church and in society. To promote equality and justice by influencing those in power and by energising and affirming local congregations

If (in 1787) you had stood on a street corner in London and insisted that slavery was morally wrong, nine out of ten listeners would have laughed you off as a crackpot …. Within a few short years .… there was an abolition committee in every major city and town, and 300,000 people were refusing to eat slave grown sugar

Assisted Dying

  • Where is God's justice in this?

  • Does it give doctors too much responsibility?

  • What about drugs that reduce pain but may hasten death?

  • Will it put pressure on people who fear they are a burden?


Mission Council:

  • Supports the 'Big Trident Debate' - ecumenically if possible

  • Commends CTBI resource material

  • Calls upon government to publish information on the options

  • Re-affirms URC opposition to Trident

  • Encourages members to write to MPs

Ten reasons why justice is essential: Part 1

  1. The Bible's full of it

  2. We're all equal before God

  3. It's part of shalom

  4. God is a God of justice

  5. It's part of the kingdom of God

  6. It's part of the Good News

  7. Righteousness flows into justice

  8. Evangelism flows into social action

  9. Justice is structural love

  10. There cannot be true peace without justice


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