Celebrating the Gift of Sexuality


 Celebrating the Gift of Sexuality

Dear Friends,


I am currently working on a project for the
URC's Human Sexuality Task Group.  The
project is to collect liturgies, prayers and other worship material (including
hymns/songs) which celebrate and encompass a wide range of areas pertaining to
human sexuality.  This will then be
published in some form, probably on the website and in a paper booklet.  I am hoping that you may want to be involved
in writing some liturgy, prayers or worship material which touches on any of
the following areas:





Family life


Close relationships


Love between two people

Relationships between people of the same

Discovering Sexuality

And any other topic that you believe fits with
the wider theme (see below)


Please be aware that these pieces should
all follow the wider theme of "celebrating the gift of sexuality" This may be
interpreted as broadly as you would like.


It would be good to have a mixture of
creative words and creative ideas, 
liturgies which include ideas for activities, ritual actions, ideas for
use with smaller or larger groups, thoughts about the setting up of the worship
area etc would be gratefully accepted along with more ‘traditional format'
liturgies. If you would also like to include copies of photos, original
artwork, hymn words or tunes or pretty much anything else please feel free to
do so!


Your work will be credited to you unless
you would prefer it not to be.  If you
use any copyright material, please be sure to properly reference your
sources.  The Human Sexuality Task Group
(2008) reserves the right to edit any submissions. (Authors will be contacted
in the event of any editing being necessary).


It would be helpful to me if you could
indicate your willingness to be a part of this project as soon as possible.


The estimated deadline for submissions is 1st
June 2010


If you have any questions or would like
more information please feel free to contact me.  Please feel free to send this letter on to
anyone that you know of who might be interested in writing something!


Thank you and God Bless,

Rev Claire Gouldthorp


(Working as part of the URC's human
sexuality task group)


Tel: 0114 257 8517

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