Cafe Church Launched in Grimsby

Cafe ChurchI have been the Minister of
the United Reformed Church Grimsby for 18 months now, and during that time
the church has seen a lot of positive changes.

Grimsby is a
Vision4Life church, and now has two monthly Bible studies. The Bible
year is also implemented in the newly formed Wednesday lunchtime
Cafechurch which opens from 11.30am- 1.30pm every week.

Bible verse
crossword puzzles are placed on every table reflecting the theme of
the week. A movie is chosen, reflecting that same theme, clips are
shown, and then the moral dilemmas or issues that arise in the movie
is discussed at the tables, all of which is related to the chosen Bible
text. The sanctuary of the church is open as a quiet area for people
to pray and reflect, and listen to reflective music (which is on a

People at cafe Church
We have been open for eight weeks now,
and most weeks we have had a new person come and visit, many of which
have returned week after week. Our average attendance is 14 and the
majority of these are people who have never been to our church
service on Sunday.

We had a few that have just come in because they
saw the signs on the street. Others have come in because of the
flyers and posters that have been put out in the local colleges. We
have had one woman who worshipped with us on a Sunday for the first
time, who came through our CafeChurch.

The serving hatch



We are breaking for August, and will
resume with an advertising campaign in September.

We applied for a synod mission's grant
to help us start the Café Church out reach. Our application was
successful, and we want to thank the Synod for granting us over £600.


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