Moderator's Blog 25 9th February 2011

Processes of Change

Moderator's Blog 24 2nd February 2011


Moderator's Blog 23 26th January 2011

Ministers and Worship

Moderator's Blog 22 25th Janaury 2011

Ministers and journeys to London

This is another Blog in two parts, the first covering 13th to the 21st January and the second to the 26th January.

Moderator’s Blog 22 12th January 2011


Moderator’s Blog 21 7th January 2011

Not lines or circles but spirals

Moderator’s Blog 20 30th December 2010

Wholly Family

Moderator’s Blog 19 23rd December 2010

Reading, Reflecting and Writing.

Moderator's Blog 18 18th December 2010


Moderator's Blog 17 8th December 2010

This Blog is a little late. It is actually written on Saturday 11th December and the reason is computers! That’s the theme for this blog.


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