Everybody Welcome Forms

Being a bit of a nerd, when I ran the Everybody Welcome course here in Nottingham,
rather than just photocopying the Forms people have to fill in,

Moderator’s Blog 54 31st August 2011


Moderator’s Blog 53 24th August 2011

Turvey Abbey and Westminster College

Moderator’s Blog 52 17th August 2011

Motorbikes and Monks

The week began with continuing efforts to unpack boxes, though the move has gone very well.

Moderator’s Blog 51 10th August 2011

A New Home

Moderator's Blog 50 3rd August 2011

Life in boxes?

Moderator’s Blog 49 27th July 2011

Marking Special Occasions

Moderator’s Blog 48 20th July 2011

As part of our preparation of our retirement house we had double glazing fitted on Thursday. The new windows make such a difference!

Moderator's Blog 47 13th July 2011


Moderator's Blog 46 6th July 2011

The Gift of Discernment


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