Story From Palestine - Linda Granville


Musa & Rana Khaldi came into the Bridge Centre where I work in Hyson Green and told me the story of a little Palestinian girl from the West Bank, called Marah who is only 2½  years sold but is suffering from Leukaemia.   Musa & Rana know her family very well. Her family is extremely poor and have nothing.  

Some Jewish doctors were helping Marah and local Jewish people were taking her to the hospital past the wall since Palestinians aren't allowed to cross. 


I was talking to Mousa today and he told me that now the hospital has had to stop treating Marah because of lack of money.  The Hospital authorities say every patient should pay. This decision is out of control of the doctors. However one of the Jewish Doctors has given Marah's mother some medicine so she might find a Palestinian doctor to administer it. This won't last for ever.  The best solution is for Marah to afford the proper treatment with the experts in the Jewish hospital.


Please click on the attachments below for letters from the Israeli doctor who has been treating Marah, Marah’s medical record and a translated letter and photo of Marah herself.  


I just feel, in the midst of all the negativity surrounding Gaza and Israel/Palestine and where a lot of anger over Gaza is permeating into our local communities in Nottingham, this is a much needed glimmer of hope coming from the West Bank where Jews are trying to help Palestinians and this glimmer of hope should be encouraged especially for the sake of this dying child.




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